Looking To Wear a Suit?

But have no idea on how to select the perfect one? Then this cheat sheet is all you need to find the answer you’re craving for!

You’re doing the right thing by investing in a tailored suit, because it will improve your style a hundred fold. You’ll look much more elegant, stylized and masculine. But you need to know certain rules and tips that will help you tons.

Let’s check what you need to know.

Nailing the Fit:

This is the cornerstone of everything, because if your fit isn’t right, then you will look bad. There’s no other way around it, that’s why it’s so important to get it right!

This visual guide is everything you need to guide yourself and get an idea on what the right fit is:

As you can see the difference is massive, and that’s why it’s so important to pay attention to it. So, before attending that event, party or business meeting, make sure that your suit checks all the boxes in terms of fit, because if it doesn’t then you won’t look good at all.

That’s the most important reason on why it’s mandatory to get your suit tailored, because buying an “off-the-rack” one won’t do you any favor, as it’s not been customized for your body type.

As stated by Fashion Galleria, many men commit this grave mistake which totally kills their style. Therefore, make yourself a huge favor and get your suit tailored. You and everyone around you will notice the difference.

A Color To Rule Them All:

In the scenario you don’t know what color to choose, then the answer is simple: go dark grey… but why? The reason is simple: this color is the base for several elegant and masculine combinations.

So you can get our point across, here you have some great examples that you can follow and make you look amazing:

1. Grey suit + black shirt + black tie
2. Grey suit + blue shirt (dark tones)
3. Grey suit + white shirt + blue/navy tie

So, if you don’t know what color to pick, then go dark grey, because you cannot go wrong with it. The number of combinations you can do with it are elegant and plenty.

About Shoes:

Matching your shoes with your suit color is essential for creating an elegant image, and it is easier than you think:

1. Black: black shoes
2. Grey: brown, light-brown and black shoes
3. Dark Grey: black shoes
4. Navy Blue: brown, light-brown and black shoes
5. Brown: light-brown and brown shoes

Of course, make sure that they are clean and are good in fact, because if your shoes look cheap then only that will ruin your whole style. Keep it present.

About Belts:

If you are a short man, then you shouldn’t wear them at all, because they will cut your frame in two and that will make you look awkward. However, if you have the freedom to wear one, then make sure that it matches the color of your shoes and that’s it.

And of course, make sure that your belt is clean and of excellent quality, because this detail can either make or break your style. Choose carefully.

About Ties:

There’s a golden rule at the hour of wearing a tie: it must match the width of the lapel. Moreover, make sure that your color of choice matches your suit and shirt color, otherwise you will look weird.

Here’s a little trick: if you opt for wearing bright socks, then you should try to match the color with your tie. It may be a bit too much for some, but if you are willing to try something more flamboyant and outstanding, then give this a try.

About Socks:

If you have developed a unique style, then you can afford to go with crazy and bright socks. However, if you prefer to remain in the conservative side, then you can simply opt for a pair of socks that match the color of your trousers. Simple and effective.

About Cufflinks:

They are a nice detail that will help you to enhance your whole style. There’s only one rule for choosing them: make sure that they express your style.

You should try different ones in order to find the pair that perfectly matches your style.

About Pocket Squares:

Just like cufflinks, they are another great detail that will make your style even better. However, there is a golden rule you need to follow: it shouldn’t have the same patterns or fabrics of your tie.

Again, similarly to cufflinks, you can take the freedom to suit something that matches your style. It can be as conservative or crazy as you want. Experimenting with different choices is key for finding the combination that truly suffices your expectations.

About Watches:

It’s always a good idea to wear a watch, because none likes a naked wrist! Just make sure that it matches your complexion. For instance, if you are skinny, then it won’t look good to wear a massive watch, because it will put emphasis on how thin your wrists are. Not good.

You don’t need to wear a Rolex, just make sure it looks good and goes according to your own style.

Final Notes:

Now you know pretty much everything that’s needed to make you look amazing with your suit.
You’ve learn tons today: how to nail the fit, what color to choose when in doubt, rules about ties, belts, shoes socks and more. Therefore, you’re in pretty good conditions to make your own style and delight everyone out there!

And a final piece of advice: get yourself a tailor suit. It may look pricey at first, but it’s one of the best investment you will make in your life, ever.
There’s nothing like wearing a suit that has been designed for your own body type. So, don’t miss out and do it.

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