Hollywood’s Golden Age brought us some of the most elegant and stylish men this world has ever seen. There were several of them, but in this opportunity we will share with you a top 7 composed by those men who managed to stand out from the rest even in such a competitive era.

Without anything more to add, let’s begin!

#1 – Humphrey Bogart:

This name had to be on the top of this ranking because the legendary Hollywood leading man had a style that caused a big impact in his era, and even today has much to teach us.

His brooding attitude gave him a special touch and the way he dressed made him outshine the rest of men even during Hollywood’s Golden Age. This explosive combination of a unique and special attitude and an exquisite and manly fashion style made Humphrey Bogart immortal.

He was the responsible of making the double-breasted suit popular and proving that everyone can wear it and look amazing. Of course, provided the suit has been crafted by really talented and skilled tailors. Here you have an image for reference:

He also showed the world that if you want to stand out from the mere mortals, then you need to wear a good white jacket. If you want to pour all the attention over you, and win the ladies as well, then that’s the answer. This image proves how well he looked in his white tuxedo jacket:

Another important thing that Bogart showed to the world, and especially men, is that there’s no such thing as overdressed. He always stood out from the rest precisely for the attention he brought to the way he dressed. Without any doubts, you can learn much from this.

Men with confidence are a magnet for women and overall do better in life. A suit can help you achieve that, because when coupled with the right attitude, will improve your life. And this is something that Bogart knew very well!

#2 – Frank Sinatra:

Frank Sinatra wasn’t only an exceptional singer but also a very well-dressed and elegant man who left an important footprint in the world in several areas, and yes, that includes men’s fashion.

Elegant, minimalist and charming, without any doubts the elements of the perfect triad.

There’s a rule that Sinatra followed: When in doubt, wear a suit. Needless to say, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that he had 100% customized bespoke suits, which were accompanied with wide and elegant lapels.

He also was a fan of fedoras. Even though many men don’t know how to wear them properly nowadays, one just needs to look at Sinatra and understand how to wear it with plenty of style and elegance:

Frank Sinatra is a legend, an icon, a hero and still inspires many men around the world. His style granted him a special place in this ranking because he was simply phenomenal!

Therefore, if you want to learn how to dress elegant and sharp, then you should try to learn more from Sinatra’s style.

#3 – William Holden:

He was one of the most successful actors of the past century and the holder of an exquisite and elegant style that still puts people in awe nowadays.

He was a brilliant symbol in the 40s and 50s, and his style was greatly represented by Western shirts, three-roll-two jackets and perfectly-rolled collars.

The three-roll-two jacket has become more popular recently, but William Holden wore it when not many men paid much attention to it, and yes, he looked phenomenal in it:

Even though nobody really knows how this jacket was created, clues have led to believe that it was invented by college students who couldn’t afford a two-button jacket. So, in order to transform their three-button jackets into the new sensation of the 20th century, they pressed back the lapels.

This little fact makes it even more surprising to see how William Holden made of this piece of clothing something glamorous. And we are sure that none can argue that. Nowadays the three-roll-two jacket is considered to be elegant and elite, and we are sure that Holden contributed to this, because we are talking about an era when men were greatly influenced by Hollywood on how to dress, and Mr. Holden was a great referent at that time.

#4 – Sidney Poitier:

Sidney Poitier was an incredible in all senses. He was an exceptional actor and he also was the owner of a great style and fashion sense, and this is why he is listed in this list.

Just by looking at this picture you can understand why Sidney Poitier is worthy of a slot in this list:

Sidney Poitier wore suits like just a handful of men can, because he couple it with the right attitude, something that allowed him to become a real star wherever he went.

There’s a word that defines Poitier: elegance. Even during the school dance scene he projected that strong, solid and confident presence that would make thousands of girls fall in love with him:
There’s no doubt that he looked great with his bespoke suit. And it is very important to remember that the suit is just a part of the equation, because if you want to look amazing with it, then you also need to have the right attitude. Fortunately, this is something you can learn from studying him and other great personalities.

#5 – Rock Hudson:

He was the star of great films like the Giant and Pillow Talk. Moreover, he took part in approximately 70 roles and he cultivated a successful 36-year career.

What stands out from Hudson is that his style was Hollywood in all senses: exquisite bespoke suits and an excellent fashion sense.

An image speaks louder than words:

When you think of the authentic Hollywood style, then it is inevitable to think of Hudson and his elegant and 100% tailored suits. It is amazing to see how powerful a well-crafted suit can be, because it has the power to make you stand out anywhere and anytime.

This other image gives you a view of a more casual yet still elegant style:

If you want to emulate the same style, then it is a good idea to get a true bespoke suit and start paying more attention to your hair. Those elements will put you closer to achieving that look.

#6 – Paul Newman:

Newman was nearly perfect in everything he did. It didn’t matter what role, he would do it perfectly and leave everyone in awe.

Moreover, another incredible characteristic about Paul Newman is that he could wear any outfit and look incredible:

And here is something we can learn from his style: the importance of real customized clothing. The wardrobe department and designers did an amazing job at the hour of crafting the clothing and suits for his roles. This is the power of customization when it is done by a real experienced and talented tailor.

A very remarkable characteristic about Mr. Newman and suits is that he always preferred darker tones and neutral colors. Moreover, just like Hudson, he knew the power of a real bespoke suit and what it can do for your body shape.

#7 – Steve McQueen:

Steve McQueen is, by far, one of the most inspiring men in history. Even nowadays his style is still a reference that many men follow by heart, and these images clearly prove why:

“I live for myself and I answer to nobody.” This single quote defines the attitude and style of McQueen. His style, when wearing suits or any other outfit, was a great compliment for his attitude so different and so full of confidence and himself.

From daring to wear a double denim outfit to wearing that sharp and elegant blazer and turtleneck combination, there’s no doubt that McQueen’s style is sharp, solid and very attractive.

Even though he didn’t follow Sinatra’s philosophy of when in doubt wear a suit, he knew how to wear it like a real gentleman, and as a result, stand out from the rest.

Therefore, if you are looking for a different, straight to the point and attractive style, then you should pay more attention to McQueen’s style.

Final Words:

These are the 7 most stylish men of Hollywood’s Golden Age. They knew how to dress and how to act accordingly. Because, if you decide to wear an elegant well-tailored suit, then you need to have the right attitude. You need to feel like the king of the world, because if you do so, then your suit will look even better on you.

Study these great men, learn from them and adapt what you learn to your own style. You’ll be amazed with the results!

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