Everybody knows that buying a suit is completely different than buying any other garment or piece of clothing. A good suit is meant to be long lasting and for multiple occasions for maximum use. It’s something special and very likely to cost more, but costing more is not really the issue as the value for money invested in a suit is received from being able to use it repeatedly. And buying a good suit is something that every man must have in his wardrobe.

If you’re in Bangkok or traveling to Bangkok, you already have a point in your favor. In Bangkok you can find excellent tailored suits, because this city is home to some of the most talented and experienced tailors in Asia.

Without further ado, let’s get started on what to look for when buying a suit:

1. Choose the Right Fabric

The variety of fabrics in the world is vast. A tailor’s job is to choose the right fabrics based on style, price and fashion trends and keep stock. A good tailor will have stock of truly beautiful fabrics of different varieties based on style choice and pricing. Each one of the fabrics is suitable for different uses, that’s why you need to choose the right one for you or choose the right tailor who can recommend to you the right fabric.

If you are looking for a suit for a wedding (for example), then linen is a perfect choice. Linen is ideal for hot climates and it will keep you fresh and make you look smart in the hot weather without sweating.

If you want to look elegant, then you should not select polyester. Although polyester is must cheaper than wool or other high-end fabrics, it looks cheap. You would not want your investment in a suit to leave other people with an impression that your suit looks cheap.

As a general rule of thumb, you cannot go wrong with wool. Although wool is heavier than linen, and therefore hotter to wear in hotter climates the look of wool is classy and makes for a very good suit. Just make sure that it is a high-quality wool because this will be significant in the touch and feel of the fabric as well as the weight. This type of fabric is highly versatile and is adaptable for wear in the winter and summer. Moreover, wool resists wrinkling better than other fabrics and is also breathable.

At Fashion Galleria located at River City Bangkok, we incorporate many types of fabrics from many brands. Some of which include Scabal, Cerruti 1881, Dormeuil, Harris Tweed, Marzoni, Hollan & Sherry, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Loro Piana, Emernegildo Zegna, Tessitura Monti and Drago Lanifico In Biella. We select fabrics of quality first but also offer a variety of prices for selection without dropping on our first choice of quality.

2. Take Care of the Fit

You might go to a shop, see an elegant and beautiful suit, and go get it… but when you go home to try it on, you find out that the jacket sits away from your torso and so doesn’t look good on you or feels uncomfortable. Don’t worry, many of us have experience the same issues at some point in our lifetime. That’s why it is so important to take care of the fit.

But why does this happen? Most suits are made for generic body types so that they can be OK for a majority of people. However, a store-bought suit is never a match for a tailor made custom fit bespoke suit. And in Bangkok… there is no question of choice since tailors outnumber stores and if you want a right-fitting suit, why buy store-bought? The only question therefore is… is the tailor that you have chosen a good tailor? And are they helpful to your requirements and timelines? It’s always best to work with a tailor.

But how do I make sure my suit fits properly? We’ve been asked this question many times. Read below for some notes on how to make sure your suit fits the right way.

  • The Trousers: The trousers should have a 1-inch Break.
  • The Shirt Cuff: Ensure that ¼ or ½ Inch of the shirt is visible from the suit cuff.
  • The Jacket Sleeves: The Jacket sleeves must be at the same level of the base where your wrist and thumb meet.
  • The Jacket Length: Place your arms on your side and make sure your knuckles are even with the bottom of the Jacket.
  • Suit Jacket Buttons: The middle button of a 3-Button Suit jacket should never be lower than your navel. In the case of a 2-Button Suit Jacket, take the top button as the reference.
  • Feel and Use: If you slip your hands into your suit under the lapels when the middle or top button is fastened, this is good signal. Your movements in the suit and use of the suit will feel comfortable and easy.
  • Shoulder Pads and Upper Torso: Make sure that the shoulder pads end with your shoulders. The fit of the Shoulder and upper torso is the hardest to fix and quite frankly, outlines the shape of your body from the top down. It gives you symmetry. Make sure that this is fitted properly to your shape and a good tailor will stress this part with multiple measurements and fittings.

Follow these recommendations and you will have an easy time finding the perfect suit for you. These points listed above will be the basis for the next sections to come, where we will talk about the different kinds of suit fits.

3. There are Different Types of Suit Fits

Choices, Choices, Choices! There are different types of Suits Fits. You should also consider the different types and choose what works best for you, your style and where or how you are intending to use the suit (Business, Casual, Business-Formal, Business-Casual, Entertaining, etc.)

  • The Slim Fit: The Slim Fit Suit is a narrow-cut suit without much excess in fabric. This leads to a tighter fit that looks more modern than a regular fit suit, flattering to the wearer’s body.
  • The Skinny Fit: The Skinny Fit Suit is very similar to the Slim Fit Suit however the Skinny Fit relates to an overall look. The difference is usually in the bottom of the leg. Skinny Fit is tight to the leg all the way down and slim carries on from the calf without hugging the ankle.
  • The Classic Fit: The Classic Fit Suit is still the most popular and common type of suits being worn by men across the world. A Classic Suit is a bit more roomy and leaves sufficient room between fabric and body. The shoulders are wide enough to allow for free movement of your arms. The fitting of the trousers in the Classic Fit is relaxed and you feel more room inside when moving.
  • The Tailored Fit: Exactly as the heading implies, the Tailored Fit is customized to your body and your choice. This… What a Fashion Galleria we call: Bespoke Tailoring. Be it for use in business (where you may require some movement and flexibility) or for party engagements (where you may need it too look a little extravagant and noticing) or for overall use (Business or Casual and whatever the reasons may be, a go-to suit dark blue or black suit) the Tailored Suit is exactly what you want.

Each type of suit fit / type has its own advantages and styles. We’ll go deeper below into the use and styles or personality types of each suit type.

  • The Slim Fit Personality: If you are after a more stylized and slimmer silhouette, this suit type is ideal for you. This suit type features a tailored waist, fitted chest, tapered sleeves and partially tapered leg. The comfort is still there in your trousers leaving you room to move around. But your suit jacket is tighter to your body shape (hugging) and gives you a modern day look with style.
  • The Skinny Fit Personality: As mentioned before, the Skinny Fit is different from the Slim Fit by the look of the trousers. The trousers are fit tightly to your legs and ankles giving your legs a thinner and more modern-day styled look. This suit type features higher armholes, slim fitter legs and low-rise waist to make this a more fashionable option. If you are tall and slim, this suit style will look incredible on you.
  • The Classic Fit Personality: If you are looking for something that will look great in any occasion and a “go-to suit” that you can use every day, then the Classic Fit is for you. The Classic Fit is the age-old suit, cut to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. This suit type features a longer body, tapered leg, fuller thigh and lower armholes that will make you feel elegant and very comfortable at the same time.
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