Your suit needs to match your body type, because if you don’t nail the fit then you won’t look as good as you could. Women love men in suits, but they need to fit well to cause that effect.

Don’t worry though, because today we’re going to teach you how to choose the perfect suit for you. Just give this article a read and all your doubts shall be cleared!

In order to provide you the best experience we’ll talk about each body shape, so you can go straight to the point and learn what you really need. Let’s start.

For The Tall Man:

You’ve been blessed, but there are still some rules to follow if you want to make the most out of your body type:

A three-button and large jacket will work best for you. You need to ensure that your shirt doesn’t stick out below the bottom button, because that will ruin your style.

But in case you don’t want to choose that jacket, then you can also opt for a double-breasted one. Just try both of them and choose the one that truly appeals to your style.

Checked and windowpane patterns are ideal for your body type, so give them a preference at the hour of getting your suit. This will help you to break up your tall frame, and therefore, make you look more elegant.

And by all means work with a tailor, because if you want to exploit the maximum potential of your body type, then you need something that’s tailored to you. Because by being tall you already have an advantage, but to make it work you’ll have to.

For The Short Man:

If you’re a short man and want to look awesome in your suit, then you need to appear taller and these tips will help you to do it:

Vertical patterns and micro-checks are your best friend, because they will make you look taller than you really are. Therefore, prefer them over the rest and you will look incredible!

As advised by Fashion Galleria from Bangkok, when choosing the jacket you should opt for one that has a shorter cut, because again it will lengthen your torso and create the illusion of height. And this is especially if the case if you follow the advice of choosing vertical patterns or micro-checks.

And in order to add even more illusion of height, you should opt for a peak lapel. This simply trick will make you look taller and stylized. Give it a try.

And what about the trousers? You should opt for trousers with no break, because this will add more longitude to your legs.

For The Skinny Man:

If you’ve got a skinny frame, then you need to take the following things into account:

Your main goal must be to emphasize a V-shape and add presence. In order to accomplish so, you can make use of busy patterns, which are proven to sum presence.

In order to accentuate the V-shape, you can add extra padding to the shoulder taps in order to do so, because they will make your shoulders look wider.

Moreover, in order to drive more attention to the sides rather than up and down, you can use a double-breasted jacket. Unlike athletic men who can opt for a single-breasted jacket, you need to add more volume and our recommendation will work perfectly for you.

Another problematic area are the legs. In order to make them look bulkier and more solid, you need to opt for pleated trousers. They’ll add more volume and make you look much better.

For The Athletic Man:

If you’ve got that so-desired V-shaped body, then you’re fortunate, but you need to keep the following rules into account when getting a suit:

Balance is the most important. Everything in your suit, from the lapels to the waist, need to be perfectly balanced. For example, tapered trousers won’t do you any favor, so avoid them at all cost. Of course, if you work with a tailor then he’ll be able to guide you and help you to choose the correct balance for everything in your suit.

When it comes to jackets you should go for single-breasted, as they will stylize your body better and make you look awesome.

However, if you have tons of muscle mass, then here’s a tip that will work wonderfully well for you: choose a soft cut on the shoulder line. This simple modification will make you look amazing, take it for granted.

For The Stocky Man:

If you are a big guy and want to look amazing in your suit, then follow this simple yet powerful tip: choose vertical patterns. This will help you to look taller and more stylized, instead of drawing attention side to side, which is what you need to avoid at all cost.

Your aim here should be to look slimmer and taller, and that’s why a two-button suit with vertical patterns will help you to achieve so.

A word of caution: stay clear from wide checks, as they will simply make you look stockier. And similarly to the athletic and bulky man, you should opt for lighter fabrics as they will help you to look slimmer and more stylized.
And of course, don’t forget to work with a tailor, because that’s how you will obtain a suit that’s 100% designed for your type of body.

Final Words:

Now you have an idea on what rules to follow according to your body type. As you can see the recommendations vary from case to case, but all you need to do is to take them into account and you will create a massive change in your look.

However, it’s always better to work with a tailor than buying something off-the-rack, because you may have a special body type that may need the help of an experienced professional.

If you have any question just let us know and we’ll help you!

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