Did you know that the way you dress can decide your destine in business? Even though it is not the unique variable, it is still very important. Therefore, if you want to increase your success in the field of business, then give this article a read.

However, before you continue, open your mind to these concepts and at least consider them. If you want to evolve, then you need to be open for change, and this article is not the exception.

Moreover, in this article we are also going to talk briefly about the importance of body language and give you some tips. Because, even with the best attire, it will be useless without a bold and strong body language.

What You Wear Is a Projection of Yourself

If you want to cause an excellent first impression and make people look at you with respect, then you need to wear something that creates such effect.

Sure, you can be the most charming and confident person in this world, but if you present yourself with a loose suit, a tie that does not match and ugly square-shaped shoes, then do not expect to cause a good impression.

Humans are visual beings, therefore, what you wear is going to either impress or disappoint them. That is how it works, and instead of fighting against it, you should embrace this reality and do your best to exploit it.

You must project value, and what a better way to do that than with what you wear?

Therefore, the first concept is already here for you to digest it: what you wear is a projection of yourself. Now, let’s check what you can do to project the best of yourself with your clotes.

The Fit Matters

Just a few things are uglier than a loose suit. First, your suit needs to fit very well; otherwise, it will make you look bad. Take note of that, because that is why it is important to work with an experienced and talented tailor.

There is nothing sexier and more attractive than a customized suit. If it fits your body type well, then you will stand out from the rest, and that is going to do much in your favor.

That is why getting a bespoke suit beats buying an off-the-rack suit any day of the week. The difference is evidently notorious; because the first will be 100% customized, while the other not.

Who do you think will cause a better first impression?

  • A: A man who arrives in a loose-fitting suit with a horrible color combination
  • B: A man with a perfectly-fitting suit and an excellent color combination

Without any doubts, the winner would be the B option. Because he would look far more elegant and powerful, and that would create a long-lasting impression. Of course, of the good kind.

Therefore, the second concept you can digest: your clothing needs to fit well. Therefore, it is vital to work with an experience tailor who can do it.

Fortunately, here at Fashion Galleria we can craft the best suit of your life. Just contact us and we will get it done for you!

You Will Feel More Confident (And Others Will Perceive It)

If you want to be successful in business or any other field, then you need to be confident. However, if you dress poorly, then you will be playing against yourself.

Even though you cannot rely on your clothing to feel confident about yourself, it will help you greatly. The best part is that others around you will perceive it, and therefore, respect you more.

You need people to notice you and get a good impression of yourself, and that is why it is very important to dress for success and customization plays an important role in it.

You need to dress well because you love yourself. That is it. Dressing elegantly with custom clothing means that you feel love for what you are, and it is not in vain that many business coaches advise that you need to develop an excellent degree of self-love.

If you do this, then you can bet on it that others will notice it and react favorably to it. However… you need to accompany it with the right body language. We will get into it right now.

Not in vain, science points out that your clothing can influence your mood, and therefore, the results in everything you do.

Body Language and Custom Clothing

They need to go hand to hand, because if they do not, then you will never exploit the maximum potential of wearing custom clothing.

Eye Contact:

It is essential to hold strong eye contact. Never look down when talking to other people (or ever), always look them to the eyes and hold it, but of course, without being creepy. If it is too hard for you to hold it, then you can instead look between their eyes. Eventually, you will overcome your discomfort and get better at it.


You need to stand tall and with your back straight. If you want to project confidence and value, then you need to do this. However, never exaggerate it. Just stand tall, with your back straight but in a natural way.



Always keep your hands visible, never inside your pockets. Moreover, try not to cross them in front of you. Always keep them at your sides or resting on your hips.


When sitting down or standing, do not be afraid to take more space. Of course, exaggerating it will look silly, but feel free to occupy the space you need to feel comfortable, and again, this will transmit a signal of confidence.


Avoid walking too fast. You should walk slowly while keeping your posture tall and straight. This will project confidence that along with your custom clothing will make you look amazing.

Moreover, feel confident when walking. Do not feel afraid to roll your shoulders every now and then, you need to be full of yourself. People will love it!


Now you know why custom clothing is key for success in business, and on top of that, you know that it is important to pair it with excellent body language. Now apply all of this and have success!

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