In this article, we are going to cover two essential points regarding suits: how to look incredible in one and how to preserve it for long.

Two birds, one stone. These seven tips are going to improve your style like you have no idea, therefore, let’s get started right now because you deserve to know them! 😉

#1 – The Fit Above the Rest

If you want to impress, then remember that the fit is above the rest. It is the most important aspect of any suit, because if it looks baggy and loose, then you will not impress anyone. You can bet on it.

On our team we are believers that your suit has to fit PERFECTLY, not only “just fine” but at a 100% degree. That is why our tailors will take care of creating the perfect bespoke suit for you.

Before taking care of accessories or matching colors, make sure that your suit fits your body shape. This is essential; otherwise, you will not look good. This is basic, yet many men forget about. That is why getting a bespoke suit beats an off-the-rack suit any day of the week.

#2 – The Materials Matter

A cheap suit will never last for long, you can bet on it. On the other hand, if your suit has been crafted with the best materials, then it will stay with you for many years to come.

You should not aim to cut down costs too much, because it will backfire at you in the end. It is much better to invest in high quality cotton, linen, wool, etc., because that way your suit will last for much longer.

Moreover, a high-quality wool suit will make you look much better, and therefore, cause a more remarkable impression. Now you know it: materials matter, therefore, do not be too cheap.

A suit is an expression of yourself, and you surely do not want to project a cheap presence. Keep that in mind and invest wisely.

#3 – Steaming Is Much Better

Ironing will only shorten the lifespan of your suit; therefore, you must use steaming instead. Sure, it is more expensive, but it is worth every single cent.

It will protect the fabrics of your suit unlike ironing which damages them. However, there is an area that you should know steam let alone iron: the chest. It does not wrinkle that much, therefore, it is not very necessary to steam it, otherwise you can end up damaging it.

Therefore, if you want to invest in preserving your suits for long, then steaming is the way to go. However, if you cannot do it, then you can iron it, but make sure to use a press clothing as a barrier. That will protect your suit from the direct contact of heat.

#4 – Take It Easy with Dry Cleaners

If you want to shorten the lifespan of your suit, then you only have to take it to dry cleaners frequently. It is very damaging for it; therefore, avoid it at all cost.

The bad thing with dry cleaning is that it will expose your suit to damaging chemicals, which eventually, will damage your suit permanently and make it look ugly. That is why you need to rely on dry cleaning occasionally, not repeatedly.

It is toxic, but necessary. Therefore, be more careful with your suits so you do not have to use it frequently. With regular brushing and rolling you can reduce the frequency of this, more on that later.

#5 – Have More Than One Suit

Using one suit all the time will damage it eventually, therefore, you need to let it rest. That is why it is a great idea to own multiple suits, so you can use one for every occasion. For example, you can have three suits for everyday use for the office and one for important occasions (business meetings, wedding, formal events, etc.).

Moreover, having several suits will allow you to experiment with different styles. The same goes for accessories like cufflinks, so you can play around and achieve awesome combinations that will add a unique detail to your style.

#6 – If You Travel Often Get a Garment Bag

If you tend to travel often, then you need to get a garment bag, otherwise you will expose your suit to damage, and consequently, shorten its lifespan.

It is a minimal investment for something that will protect your suit in the end, so it can stay with you for many years to come.

However, not all garments bag are made the same way. For an optimal result, you need to make sure it is breathable and light enough to carry it easily. Fortunately, the market offers excellent options:

  1. Travel Select Amsterdam
  2. WallyBags 410
  3. AmeriLeather Three-Suit
  4. Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2
  5. BagLane Roll-Up

They are an excellent investment, so you can take your suits with you to any travel and always look elegant.

#7 – Brush and Roll Your Suit

It will not only make you look impeccable, but also extend the lifespan of your suit. Moreover, if you do not brush and roll it regularly, then the dust and dirt will start damaging the fabric, especially if it is wool. Therefore, it deserves your attention.

Moreover, let’s not complaint about the price, because it is very affordable. Simply brushing and rolling your suit will make it stay beautiful and in good conditions for several years to come, so it is a good investment.


We have arrived to the end. Now you have some awesome tips that will make you look awesome in your suit and extend its lifespan. After all, it is an investment and you have got to protect it.

A suit requires of regular maintenance to preserve its beauty, and now you know how you can take care of it. However, worry not, because if you have any question about this, just let us know and we will answer as soon as possible!

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