In any meeting, whether it is business oriented or casual in nature, the way the men dresses forms a huge part of the first impression he can create. There are obviously other factors involved like the way you talk, body language and overall grooming, but your dressing style plays a vital role in it. The first impression is the last impression they say, and it is important to create a positive impression when going to important meetings, business seminars, conferences, and even if it is just another day at the office. One should always be in tip-top condition as a part of their personality, especially in the business environment because it reflects upon your diligence, intelligence, and personality as a whole. Whether it is a job interview or just another day at the office, the general trend is to wear formal dressing. However, in interviews and important business meetings, it just might be a bit more formal than usual. Your dress code would also help you project your attitude, confidence, professionalism and style at the same time in an efficient manner. Here are the few common tips when going for an interview or a business meeting–

  • The clothing and accessories you wear should be neat and tidy and well ironed.
  • Your hairstyle should look clean, tidy and well-trimmed and the perfume you wear should be pleasant and not come on too strong as if you are going to a party.
  • If it is an interview, what you wear makes a difference and must be pleasant, formal and impressive. However, your clothing should not be too flamboyant and must be amicable for the occasion.
  • If you have any piercings visible, it should be removed, such as earrings and tongue piercing. It is a no-no in the corporate circle and taking it off is a sign of respect in a business Also, it gives out a wrong impression to others around you about you. It is a general perception in the corporate circle, which is why tattoos and piercings are not looked upon positively in most of the corporate and business offices.
  • If you have any tattoos that are visible, try to cover it up with clothing, or you can use concealer makeup to hide it.
  • The clothes you wear should fit you correctly and must be clean and laundered.
  • If possible, one should mock dress a day or two before and take feedback from friends or family who have experience in the corporate circle as to how your look is. It would help make necessary changes and ensure the final look is impressive.
  • If you are already in a job, then taking cues from what others wear is a good idea. If your dressing is a bit too much toned down, dressed in some stylized pieces from time to time is a good idea.
  • Many popular brands offer formal clothing that is of high quality and have a range of options to choose from, starting from suiting, shirts, trousers, ties, and loads of accessories. The ideal way is to get your clothes made-to-measure as it assures perfect look and fitting within budget.

These are the few standard guidelines for dressing and overall grooming in the business or corporate environment. It would ensure that you do not make common mistakes other make, and end up making a style statement in fact. Here are few other focused dressing tips for men that you must keep in mind as your everyday dressing guide –

  • As a formal business wear, suits in the shades of black, gray or blue are well-accepted. You can even choose to wear suits of these shades with pinstripes. It would never fail you.
  • The shirt you wear should complement the suit and must be lighter in color than the suit. The shirt’s sleeves should be long enough to reach your wrist, and rolling up the sleeves is not considered formal unless you have left the office.
  • The tie you wear can be solid or designer of different contrasting and bright colors that match well with the suit and shirt you wear. It must be of silk or other similar fabric, and while it must be contrasting with the suit and the shirt, it must not look too odd.
  • The belt you wear should match and correspond to the shoes you wear. It is not always possible to do so, but as long as belt and shoes don’t look like they are moving in opposite direction, you’ll be okay.
  • Staying completely shaved is a norm in the corporate environment, but that has changed a bit these days. See the trend others are following when it comes to facial hair in your office, or ask if you are in doubt. Clean shaved look is preferred in the corporate offices.
  • The haircut of the person should be short, regularly trimmed and well-maintained. It must not be too styled to give out an impression as if you have come to a party. It should look disciplined and showcase your mannerism.
  • When it comes to jewelry, a ring and formal watch are all that corporate dressing style permits. If there are any necklaces, it can be tucked inside the shirt.
  • If it is winter, a long formal overcoat can be worn over the suit.
  • The briefcase or the bag you wear to the office is naturally preferred to be of leather, but these days many office bags variants are available that you can choose as per your preferences. Make sure it completes your look and complements it.
  • To avoid any hassles to find readymade garments that fit you right, always make sure that you get your suits, shirts, and trousers made by an experienced tailor. Tailors would customize your clothing as per your body shape and size and ensure the end product fits you exactly as you want it, and gives out a powerful

These are the few tips for dressing to follow in the corporate environment. It would help you give out the right impression, and ensure you make a style statement that oozes confidence and panache, adding to your popularity.

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