The 28-year-old Irish UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor is a real inspiration for youngsters because of his impressive fighting techniques, boisterous presence and outstanding customized suits. It is well known by Conor McGregor fans that he has a love for maintaining a lavish lifestyle which includes expensive cars and designer outfits. According to David Heil, his personal stylist and CEO of David August, Conor McGregor wears customized bespoke suits priced between $4,000 to $10,000 USD each. Concerned about his appearance on camera and in showing off his influential style, he has 10 different outfits for his media tours which cost roughly $50,000 USD. We’re going to take a brief look at these tailored inspirations in the sections below. Let’s check out the awe-inspiring and boundary pushing style of this champ.

  1. The Gentleman’s Look, in a 3-Piece Navy Blue

From the gorgeous navy-blue 3-piece suit worn by Conor McGregor, it’s not difficult to judge that the UFC champion isn’t ready to settle on less than perfect. The 3-piece suit consists of a navy-blue color waistcoat, navy blue pants and a matching navy blue coat adding value to his personality and keeping him dapper in his formal appearance. Navy blue is a universal color which easily gets teamed with other colors. Look at his formal yet stylish accessories which perfectly meet the requirements of the suit. Pair a set of loafers with the suit and put on a stylish watch to complete the look.

  1. The Grace of Grey, In a Suit

You cannot go wrong striving for the gentleman’s look in classic grey suit. Grey colors are perfect for both formal or non-formal events and one should opt for it to boost confidence and style. The right fitting is the most impressive feature of Conor McGregor’s outfits which rightly flaunt physical athletic physique. An ill-fitted suit is death to a man’s style which ruins his appearance and may steal his confidence. Like the navy-blue color, grey can also be paired with various colors. However, with Conor’s complexion and ginger hair, blue seems to be his best fit as it completes his entire ensemble and accentuates his entire style. His use of a rust or red colored tie and a bluer pocket square nicely complete his style in this grey suit.

  1. The Dapper Look, in Checkered Brown

It’s clear from Conor McGregor’s bold choices that he isn’t afraid of experiencing new things and this brown suit is the perfect example of it. These wild colors add uniqueness in his style and make him a fashion icon. The reddish brown checkered suit with a contrasting white shirt gives him an outstanding appearance which is ideal for informal parties and turns every head. Sunglasses, watch, pocket squares, a tie clip and an elegant tie are the best accessories with this suit. If you are not confident in the way you look then don’t go for bold colors. Bold colors are bold statements, and are used to grab the attention of every observer. Not everyone can handle the immense attention like Conor McGregor.

  1. Check That Checkered Grey and Blue

This devastating ground-and-pound fighter has an unusual talent when playing with colors to match for his style. He knows how to steal the spotlight and flaunt his confidence in awe-inspiring suits. The lighter gray window pane 3-piece checkered suit is synchronizing beautifully with a light blue shirt and dark blue bow tie. The light-colored pocket square doesn’t force the attention away from the entirety of the look, but shows however a more tasteful selection in bringing the entire look together. Small additional elements of the suit like peak lapels of the jacket add style and elegance to the suit detail instead.

  1. A Royal Blue Pinstripe Suit

As we have listed till now, you can see that Conor McGregor is second to none when talking about his high aesthetic taste. The hand stitched silk lining of this suit and royal blue pinstripe color exhibit the finest collection of texture, while the soft purple pocket square is increases the charisma of the style. Again, with a 3-Piece dapper suit accompanied with matching bow tie to his pocket square, Conor knows full well that he is the fashion champ and wears to impress looking nothing less than perfect.

  1. The Blue Hopsack Blazer

The Blazer is the choice of classic men who want to give a sophisticated touch to their style but being able to jump a grey line between casual vs business attire. Seen below, Conor McGregor pulls this off by wearing a blue hopsack blazer which emphasizes his athletic body but keeping his look sophisticated but casual. Patch pockets, a stylish multicolored tie, matching pocket square and black buttons make the perfect ensemble while the classic white shirt with a double cuff pour in more of the sophistication we have come to acknowledge in the way Conor wears his suits. His accessories of stylish sunglasses and watch add to Conor’s distinct and high impact style.

  1. Conor’s Street Style… Yup, Still Dapper

Conor McGregor’s style isn’t limited only to formal meetings, press events and/or parties. He even maintains his style while walking on street. Seen below, Conor is wearing a custom fitted fully buttoned green polo shirt tucked into white pants and a belt. The stylish loafers and choice to not wear socks is expertly synchronized with the overall style. A brown belt with a golden belt buckle matched with a brown and gold watch add value to his outfit proving that he is a real fashion lover with understanding of the fashion elements that suit him and his personality.

  1. Yet Another Simple Suit and Being Elegantly Comfortable

Being dressed appropriately for every occasion, is the trademark of a sophisticated man. But having the taste to couple a nice shirt with a pair of jeans is a task well-completed by an aesthetically rich man. Look at the outfit of this gentleman whose witty looks and dapper style are enough to cause an impact from the eyes of onlookers. The off-white shirt paired with rough jeans and a dark colored blazer, is a nice combination adding much charm to the ensemble and to the person wearing it.

The stylish sneakers that Conor is wearing (not seen in this picture) also cannot be ignored. It adds to the casualness of the entire look. The fine stylish design and color combination makes this man a trend-setter while his nicely buttoned blazer is makes him the man of the evening.

  1. Conor McGregor Knows How to Use a Well-Tailored Waistcoat

A well-tailored waist coat accentuates the well-toned body. And Conor McGregor knows this and has taken it to another level. The tight waste coat accentuates the shape of his body, where full sleeves are fitted to shape showing the results of his athletic training in the gym. A trademark it seems in his choice of accessories is a pocket square, sunglasses and high-end watch.

  1. His Bad*ss Attention to Detail. The Famous Pinstripe “F*CK YOU” Suit

On Aug. 26, 2017, Conor McGregor faces Floyd Mayweather in a highly-anticipated match. The press and promotions of this event have been nothing short of high-energy and spectacular. With verbal jabs and on-stage antics revving the crowd in the expectation of the match of the century. Conor, with his persona took his trash-talking antics directly into his style. He wore a custom fit bespoke suit with pinstripes that spelled out the words “FUCK YOU”, designed by David August Heil.
The idea for this suit originated internally, where the expression “Fuck You” was the perfection juxtaposition to the traditional pinstripe suit. According to David Heil, “Conor is a classic, quintessential gentleman when it comes to appearances and dressing for an occasion. I think he said all that he wanted to say… and then some with the suit. He’s not afraid of prints and color, and he’s definitely not shy when it comes to bold comments and remarks. Naturally, this print suited him well.”

So what do you think of Conor’s Style? Is it too much or just right? You may like him, you may not, but there is no doubt that he places a high value on the way he looks and places special attention to detail in the what he wears. And when we talk style, we could perhaps learn a thing or two from this dapper villain or dapper hero.


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