Men and suits go very well together… but only if you choose the perfect fabric for it. Men love to wear them for obvious reasons: they make you look elegant and important. But sadly not many know how to pick the right fabric, but worry not, because today Fashion Galleria will show you how! Let’s check the uses and advantages of each fabric, so you can decide which one is better suited for your needs.

Cotton: Perfect For Summer

Wearing a suit during the hot days of summer can be a bit uncomfortable… unless it is made of cotton. This fabric is ideal for this season of the year, because it is fresh and breathable. Another remarkable is that it is more affordable than wool, therefore, it is a good pick if your budget is not very permissive. You can get a nice cotton suit for less than $100 USD in many cases, that’s why you should at least one in your wardrobe, because it is perfect for summer days and everyday use. Moreover, it is also great for parties and events in the outside. But it has some disadvantages as well: it wrinkles easily, it tends to shrink and is not good for very formal and important events.

Wool: The King of Elegance

Few things are more elegant and attractive than a well-crafted wool suit, like the ones you can buy from our store, because our tailors are experts working with this fabric. It is good for nearly everything, and that includes summer days, because you can request your tailor to craft for you the light-weight edition of this suit known as tropical wool. It is excellent for important events, job, interviews and any other occasion where you want to cause a great impression. Also, it is excellent for winter or cold days. Wool is warm, elegant and highly resistant. Unlike cotton suits, they do not wrinkle easily, and yes, they are more expensive but the investment is totally justified. Therefore, if you are looking for a suit that you can wear in those important decisive occasions, be it a very important meeting or interview, then make sure it is made of the finest wool. It will pay off. The unique disadvantages would be that it is expensive (but totally justified) and that it is warmer than other fabrics, but as you have seen, you can fix this downside by ordering a tropical wool suit.

Linen: The Lightest Sensation

Wearing a linen suit will make you feel free. It is the most breathable and lightest fabric in the market. It is perfect for summer days, a beach wedding, a picnic, for a date, etc. But forget about using it for very important events, because it tends to wrinkle quite easily, and this especially applies for trips. Another advantage is that it is easy to wash. All in all, it is a great fabric if you want a high-end suit that you can use during hot days or events in the outside. It is, for sure, better looking than cotton in my opinion.


These are three great fabrics, and by far, the most popular. Now you can choose the right one depending on your needs and objectives!

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