Brands we work with

Providing tailoring service that’s second to none calls for using the best brands available. We collaborate with some of the finest international fashion brands to ensure that the products we deliver do not only fit perfectly but make you feel good too. Using the fabric, designs, patterns, and styling preferences manufactured, used and followed by some of the best brands ensure we provide you the classiest and the most elegant line of clothing.


“Very quick service and exceptionally good suit. Next time, I will order one more. Thank you”

Halagisa Eegdo


“The team of tailors and floor personnel were fantastic. Extremely courteous and professional, taking time to ensure that all of my questions were answered and that my selection met my needs. I walked away with a quality made-to-measure suit and 100% satisfied as a customer. I will return soon.”

Oskar Ramirez

Millenium Hilton

“I wasn’t planning to buy any, but just entered to check out the collection, and boy they floored me with their professionalism, personalized service and of course, the quality of fabric. I received the suit in a couple of days that is well worth the money, and fraction of what other brands I currently use. Unbelievably good!”

Gary Schindler

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