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Lot of our customers have asked what is difference between bespoke suit and custom made suit? It is a pretty tricky question but Fashion Galleria will try to answer our customer’s queries.

In simple words, bespoke suits are created by designers and tailors without using any machinery. The designer gives a human touch to bespoke suits with his art and year of experience. That’s why it is very important to hire tailors or designers who are experienced and master in their tailoring work. Luckily, Fashion Galleria has best designers and tailors from all over the Thailand.

Whereas, custom made suits are manufactured by machinery and does not bring exact fitting in some cases. You can see custom made suits in the H&M, corporate offices, business meetings and hotels. All them are custom made and cheaper compare to bespoke suit. Thus, they are not expensive and easily accessible. But, people struggle with custom made suits a lot because of it manufactured size.

These days, most of the people buy custom made suits. This makes bespoke suit unique and unbeatable.

So which one wins? Bespoke or Custom made Suit? Let’s have a look.

Bespoke suits are expensive and idiosyncratic. Not loads of people wear them. But they give perfecting fitting and unique feeling to individuals. Feeling of proud and something. By the way, neuroscience says what you feel that you achieve. Thus, if you are person who like unique things, we would love to recommend you bespoke suits.

Custom made suits are cheap and easily accessible almost in every store. As a matter of fact, they are good for the people who are looking for decent clothing, not something fancy. But, they do not fit individuals perfectly sometimes.

In conclusion, bespoke suits and custom made suits both have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the individual what kind of clothing style him/her wants to go for, Unique or descent.

But tension not Fashion Galleria has come with solution for its customers. Fashion Galleria offers both bespoke and custom made suit with guaranteed fitting. So, don’t wait, pick your phone and call us at +6626391401 or email us at

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