Need to Find an the best Tailor in Bangkok? There is a big difference between a “good enough” and an incredible tailor, and the latter is exactly what you needThat’s why this article will share with you seven proven ways to pick the perfect tailor for you in Bangkok, and in fact, you can apply these same tips anywhere else in the world.

Can you see now why you should stay here and read this article? Now let’s dive right into the tips that will make it happen!

#1 – Work with Someone Passionate and Friendly:

If you a want a suit that leaves all the ladies with their eyes focused on you and the guys in shock, then you need something that makes you stand out, and that’s the kind of work that solely a passionate and friendly tailor can do.

You need to work with someone who actually cares about you, someone you feel pretty comfortable with. The environment needs to be calm and friendly, and yes, there needs to be some degree of chemistry. Never accept to work with a rude tailor, because it will end up playing against you.

Fortunately, there are so many tailors in Bangkok that you won’t have much problem finding someone professional, experienced and friendly.

Moreover, you also need to work with someone who takes appointments. Therefore, you need to work with someone responsible and who knows how to keep everything in proper order, because you want a tailor who can focus on exactly what you need. That’s the way to go.

Excellent Communication Skills:

You need someone who you can communicate with without problems, because proper communication will be a determinant factor in obtaining the suit you want.

Many persons have a hard time communicating what they want because their tailor is not the best in those terms, that’s why you need to make sure communicate is top of the line, because that will grant you top-notch results at the end of the day.

#2 – Always Test:

Before getting a tailor to work on a very important and valuable piece of clothing, it is ideal to start with something less-pricey, so you can make sure the tailor actually does a good job.

You should always test the waters, and by bringing something less valuable for your tailor to work on, you will be able to test and see the quality of the work.

Something as simple as some easy alterations are more than enough to see the degree of professionalism and responsibility. Because you don’t have to put something truly valuable in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what to do.

Therefore, remember this: always test the tailor with a simple piece of clothing. That will save you from many problems and headaches.

This goes in concordance with the previous piece of advice. Every human has a unique body shape, and hence, it’s important to test the tailor first and make sure you can communicate well and get along with.

Whats the perfect test? It’s simple: bring a pair of trousers that are too long. Make sure to select your preferred break (full, half, quarter, no break) and communicate very well what you want. Your tailor will suggest what he thinks is best, but if you are not okay with it, then simply communicate it.

If your tailor does a good job with your trousers, then you can now try with something more complicate, like a button-up shirt. It’s the perfect way to level up the difficulty.

Ideally it should be a dress shirt that’s too baggy, and hence, needs a corrective work. If your selected tailor does a good job as well, then you can rest assured that it is a good pick.

#3 – Always Check Samples:

Another excellent way to make sure you pick a good tailor is to ask for samples not only online but also offline.

You need to see it in-person and also touch it, so you can attest for the quality by yourself. It will also help if you can see samples that are relatively or closely similar to what you expect to get, because this will allow you to know if the tailor has the skillset and talent necessary to do it.

If a tailor is experienced and professional, then you won’t have any problem getting to see and touch those samples, because that will convince you.

You should spend several minutes studying the suit and paying special attention to the details. Make sure to look closely to it, because the details are what really matter.

If you want to be happy with the final results and put a smile on your face, then follow this simple yet super-important tip.

#4 – Check Reviews Online and Offline:

Yelp, Facebook, Google and many others. It helps to know what other people think about the tailor.

We live in the era of information and technology, therefore, people will leave a review in case they were totally satisfied with the service, or in the other hand, if they had a bad experience. And that’s exactly the kind of feedback you need to look for.

But the internet is not the unique place where you can find reviews or get references, because the offline world brings you plenty of chances to find that perfect tailor.

You can start by asking your stylish friends if you they know of someone they can vouch for. Moreover, menswear stores are another good point where to get references from.

In order to get the best results, you can do the following: get offline references and then use the internet to double-check it. This will grant you better results at the end of the day.

The best places to get recommendations from are menswear shops and also high-end boutiques. You should not bother with dry cleaner tailors, as most of the time they are not good with anything beyond some basic alterations.

#5 – Look Forward to Building a Strong Relationship:

A tailor and a dentist are similar, because both of them will bring you a better service if you visit frequently and build a strong relationship. That’s why, for starters, it’s mandatory to pick someone who is friendly and pretty communicative, so you can build a good relationship.

The more you nurture it the better, because your tailor will learn what you like, what’s your style and how to deliver exactly what you are looking for… even the most complicate alterations. But again, this is the result of building a good relationship with your tailor, and yes, it will take some time but it is totally worth it.

If your tailor does a good job, then dont hesitate to leave an excellent review online. Always be gentle and respect his work, because if you make this relationship stronger, then you will be most benefited at the end of the day.

#6 – Run From Department Store Tailors:

If you want your tailor to do a good job with your clothes, especially with complicate and delicate alternations, then you need someone who can focus on it completely. Unfortunately, most of the time, department store tailors are on a tight schedule and hence always on a hurry.

That’s why it is always better work with an exclusive tailor shop, so you can get the attention you deserve. And fortunately, here in Bangkok you can find plenty of them.

Stay away from department store tailors. With so many talented tailors around you don’t even need to think of it as a possibility.

# 7 – Ask the Precise Questions:

There are certain questions that will separate the rookies from the real experts, and here you have them:

“Can you shorten a jacket sleeve from the shoulder?”

If the tailor is a real expert, then he will tell you that its one of the most difficult alterations. A rookie is more like a yes-man, but we all know how that will end.

“How are the suits constructed?”

A well-versed and experienced tailor won’t have any problem explaining you with plenty of details how suits are constructed. This is one of the most powerful questions, because a novice tailor won’t know how to explain it properly, and you will notice it easily.

“Do you buy your own fabric?”

A real and professional tailor always buys his own fabric. And yes, this will also translate in cheaper prices for you.

“Which style will suit my body type?”

Again, this is a question that separates the experts from the novices. If a tailor really knows what he is doing, then he will have an easy time explaining to you what kind of style will suit your body type perfectly.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Now that you have concluded reading this article, you know pretty much everything about how to pick the perfect tailor for you in Bangkok. Make sure to follow these recommendation and you will have an easy time finding that perfect match!

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