Want to cause a great impression on any lady? Then it is simple: wear an elegant suit. That alone will do much for improving your presence.

Of course, you still need to do your homework and make sure to pick that perfect kind of suit that will make women fall in love with you, because not all of them have that effect. That’s why we will explore the 6 things that women find most attractive in men’s suits.

Make sure to take note, because this might just come in handy!

#1 – The Perfect Fit:

If the suit doesn’t fit you well, then it won’t have that magic effect. Your suit needs to have that perfect fit to accentuate your physique, give you the best shape and hide those unwanted bulges that may appear unattractive to the opposite sex. But worry not, because it is easier than you think.

There are four types of fits: Classic, Slim, Skinny and Tailored. Let’s explore the advantages of each one.

  1. Classic: Comfortable, relaxed and looks great for any occasion
  2. Slim: Perfect for slim men who want to look very stylized
  3. Skinny: Perfect for tall and slim men
  4. Tailored: Perfect for most body types.

In case you are getting a tailored suit, then you should always talk with your tailor and allow him to guide and advise you. And that’s exactly what we offer you at Fashion Galleria: full assistance and help till you are satisfied.

#2 – The Jacket:

The jacket needs to look phenomenal and the length plays a huge role here. A jacket looks best when the length of the sleeve reaches the knuckle of your thumb. That’s a basic rule that will cause a massive positive impact in your appearance.

Try not to go for pinstripes that are too striking. Subtle always wins the battle, and that goes for any other kind of pattern. And before we move onto the other point: forget about horizontal lines unless your tailor is truly good. Horizontal lines cause the eye to view wider shapes give an outward appearance of weight. If you decide to work with us then it won’t be a problem, because our team can handle that for you!

#3 – The Color:

The color, as you can easily guess, has a major influence and here you have the top 5 options:

  1. Charcoal (a must-have)
  2. Navy Blue
  3. Cambridge Grey
  4. Black
  5. Than Khaki

At Fashion Galleria we guaranteed that these 5 colors have an excellent effect, because it is subtle yet providing class to your look, which in turn will improve your appearance and allow women to notice you more.

#4 – Your Pants:

The pants should be comfortable and be tight in the right proportions, because opting for any extreme will make you look awful. Your tailor can help you to hit the sweet spot, because if the pants don’t look all right, then this will affect the look of your whole outfit negatively.

Moreover, you should take care of the break you choose, because that can either make or break your style.

#5 – Lapels:

Let’s talk about them. There are different types of them, and they serve different purposes. If you want a very elegant style, then these are your best options:

  1. Peak
  2. Wide peak
  3. Narrow notch

But if you want something more casual, then a shawl is the way to go. In the case of formal lapels, they would look incredible with an elegant wool suit, meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, the shawl lapel would look incredible with a fresh and modern linen suit.

#6 – The Tie:

Many times a bad tie can ruin your whole style, and yes, also the image you project to women. That’s why it should never be too large, the sweet spot according to tailors is at belt or waistband level.

On top of that, you shouldn’t opt for wild patterns and designs if you don’t know how to combine them, that’s why entire colors are usual the best way to go.

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