Like most men, the idea of having a tailor may seem like some hoity-toity fantasy where you’re a movie star or a high-priced lawyer. After all, why do you need a custom-tailored suit if you’re just a regular person? And how can you  hope to afford it Apparently there are a few misplaced notions out there when it comes to custom-made suits; and there are some great practical reasons why you should think of owning one; or multiple!

  1. It’s worth the stress

Going to a tailor to get measured and waiting for them to make your suit may be very inconvenient; but think about your other option.  Off-the-rack suits come in generic sizes, finding something that seems acceptable would take you trying a lot of them on; and even driving around different shops. This does not guarantee you find something great; just acceptable. That particular shopping style takes a lot of time and energy, and all you get in return is a lot of frustration. Getting a tailor to make you a suit may not give you the chance of walking out of the store with the suit that day; but will reduce the actual time you spend shopping.

  1. Tailored suits are more preferred

It’s not that ready-made suits are equivalent to plastic bags and bespoke suits are recyclable canvas; but there is a definite difference in the level of quality between the pair. Part of which comes from the fact that ready-made suits are put together by machines on an assembly line, while a bespoke suit will be overseen by a real live individual. There is an overwhelming attention to detail that can’t be equaled. Making a custom made suit allows you to decide the fabric type, fit to your shape in every definition and curve, choose your specific style for a specific occasion or an all-purpose smart suit for any occasion.

  1. Good shape

Custom made suits also allows for canvas; Canvas is made from cotton and horsehair. It runs separately throughout the inner of every custom made suit. The canvas in essence serves as the bones of your suit; it helps give it shape and solidity as well as help mold it to your body. Canvas also prevents bubbles from forming in the material and keep your suit wrinkle-free. In comparison, many ready-made suits simply hang limp or bulge in areas you would not want it to bulge.

  1. The best fit to express your features

For a tailor, Just fine is not acceptable. When you get a bespoke suit you are buying a piece of clothing that feels like a second skin. Not only do tailored suits fit perfectly to your body structure, but also express your best features while masking ones you’d prefer hidden. This is possible because the suit was designed specifically for your body. You won’t get this with a ready-made suit.

  1. Affordability

To be frank, no tailor will be able to provide you a bespoke suit that is less than the lowest ready-made price you can find. That’s the reason big businesses use assembly lines, and an individual making a personalized suit can’t match the productivity. Tailors are, however affordable when you view the big picture. Firstly, it comes down to comfort and convenience. Time is valuable, and if you can get a great suit out of going to one tailor; there is a good chance you will be saving a lot of time compared to finding a ready-made suit. Also tailored suits can last longer and take more wear and tear; which means lesser replacement. Tailors can also replicate popular brands for a lesser price than you would pay to get the particular label name. Not to mention all the different types of fabrics that you can choose from based on your personal style, feel of the fabric or price with futher recommendations from your tailor. It’s hard to get all that from a suit off-the-rack at a store.

  1. A variety of personalization

Buying a ready-made suit limits you to a few specific styles that are currently trending. Tailor-made suits offer a variety of personalization. All that is required is to tell your tailor what your specifications are and they will let you know the cost and time required. At Fashion Galleria Bangkok, located at River City Bangkok our turn-around time from measurement to fitting to completion is roughly around 2 weeks and fastest with amazing precision and service of 2 Days.

Custom tailored suits may appear pricey if you compare them to off-the-rack suits. But you can see that with price, comes personalization and… you get much more than what you pay for. There is nothing wrong with off-the-rack suits, but if you invest a little you can not only personalize your suit to your style, but you can also get personalization or style advise from your tailor for better options that suit you or the use of your suit. But on top of all of this your suit will be a perfect fit that just hangs on the contours of your shape like a walking in a cloud that hugs you perfectly for years of use to come.

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