Bangkok is ranked as one of the best destinations in the world for high-quality tailoring. It competes very well against big cities like London or New York City, and in this article I’m going to bring you 4 reasons why Bangkok is still the best place to buy custom clothing in the world!

#1 – Prices Are Competitive:

Although it is never a good idea to hire a tailor based solely in the price, you will be glad to know that prices here are quite competitive, something that will play in your favor.

Here at Fashion Galleria we offer you the best prices: custom-made suits start at $240 USD or 8,000 THB. As you can see the prices are quite accessible if you take into account the high-quality of tailors and tailored suits here.

#2 – Talented and Experienced Tailors:

As a result of Bangkok’s popularity as one of the best destinations for top-notch tailoring, tailors here have plenty of work. Due to this massive influx of orders and clients, they are truly experienced, something that they fuse with their incredible talent and creativity.

If you want a custom-made suit that will make everyone say “wow”, then you need to come to Bangkok, because the quality of tailoring services here is staggering.

It should not surprise you that many big brands work with authentic local tailor shops. For example, we work with Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Marzoni and Cerruti 1881. And yes, we offer you the same high-quality of work, because our end goal is to leave you 100% satisfied.

#3 – Friendliness at Its Best:

Talent and experience are important, but if the tailor is not friendly and not very communicative, then you can solely expect mediocre results.

Fortunately, Thai people are characterized for being super friendly, and that’s a feature that is also present in our tailors. They are very friendly, helpful and patient, which is exactly what you need in order to get that custom piece of clothing you need, be it a dress, suit, jacket, etc.

This is one of the reasons on why so many people come here to Bangkok: they are more than satisfied with their superb customer service. That is something that makes them stand out and that will make you fall in love with Bangkok! And yes, this is why people visit us and rest assured that we will bring you the same experience.

#4 – High Quality Materials:

Tailor shops here are reigned over very high and demanding standards, therefore, in virtually all cases they use the best materials in the market.

Let’s suppose you want a magnificent wool suit for important business meetings, then here in Bangkok you can get the highest-quality wool without problems. The same goes for linen, flannel, corduroy, plaid, etc. You just need to name it!

That’s why you will love Bangkok and its tailors: they do everything according to the highest standards. When you work with a great tailor here you can solely expect the best materials and the best results!

Contacy us today, and rest assured that we solely use the best materials and fabrics in the market to fabricate your clothing.

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