It’s true that a man looks gentle whenever he puts on a suit, especially, if he is dressed in a stylish kind of suit; he feels attractive and confident whenever he is in a well-designed and perfected tailored designer suit. A good suit, is expected to make you feel comfortable like it’s your second skin; it should look charming and bring out your confidence at all times.

Coat suits is usually formal wear that is worn during formal occasions and events. They provide the best fashionable and smart look. Coat suits are often times related to government officials, smart professionals, high position company holders like CEOs as well as big businessmen. Luxury fashion is frequently associated with women, and luxury fashion for men fashion is commonly considered very expensive. Bespoke suits (custom-made) are designed to meet the specific needs of the man for the different function and can be quite expensive. There are various design brands across the world that use different types of materials (sometimes rare), which add to their expensive cost. However, there are also a countless number of famous fashion designers and brands that specialize in making exclusive and in-expensive men’s suits that are unique in style and are designed for perfect fit and maximum comfort.

The most expensive coat suits are usually made for high-profile customers who can easily afford their extravagant prices. Celebrities, businessmen, people in the politics make up the majority of these consumers. Luxury suits represent their social status and compliments their luxurious lifestyles.

The following are some of the world’s most expensive suits:

  1. Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition

The Hughes diamond edition suit was hand-made with over 800 man-hours invested in the production. Its materials include wool, silk and cashmere. The lining is enhanced with diamonds which puts this suit in the pole position as the most expensive suit in the world. This suit sold for a whopping $892,500.


  1. Alexander Amosu Vanquish II Bespoke

The Vanquish II Bespoke was sold for the price of $100,000. It is made from Qivuik (Alaskan Down Feathers) and Vicuña (South American Andes Camelid Fibers), which are undoubtedly some of the most expensive materials in the world. The buttons made with Diamonds help place this suit as the second most expensive suit made in the world.


  1. Dormeuil Vanquish II

Made by the Dormeuil Family of France, the Vanquish II combines perfectly French and British clothing design. Made from Royal Qivuik and Dorsilk (a refined combination of wool and silk), the Vanquish II sold at $95,319.


  1. The $78,000 Zoot Suit

Although the estimated price of the suit was around $5,000. This Zoot Suit sold at auction by Augusta Auctions on November 2, 2011 in New York City at $78,000 after bidding ended. It was the only suit of its kind known to have auctioned in the US, which placed it in high demand.


  1. William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke

Approximately 200 professional work hours from the design of the suit to completion went into the making of this suit. The William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke was sold for almost $75,000


  1. Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II

From the House of Cavalier and with only 5 ever made, the Rockefeller Vanquish II is a masterpiece to say the least. Sold at $70,000, this suit is hand sewn with over 200 hours of work, with buttons made with 4 carat diamonds and set in Africa’s finest platinum and pure silk lining this suit is one of the most expensive and exclusive suits in the world.



  1. The Kiton K-50

Made from fine sheep wool, the Kiton K-50 is designed by the famous Enzo and sold for the price of $60,000. It is considered gorgeous and a piece of expert craftsmanship.


  1. Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke

This perfectly designed suits take months of detailed stitching and crafting. Designed by world famous Desmond Merrion, Merrion claims that each suit is a stitch in his guidance and under his supervision. Made from the best quality materials they are sold at an incredible $47,500.


  1. Brioni Vanquish II

With only 100 suits made yearly, the Brioni Vanquish II is one of the most exclusive suits money can buy. Made from materials like Vicuña (South American Andes Camelid Fibers) and Pashima (A fine type of cashmere wool), each suit sells at $43,000.


  1. World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits

The World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits is a competition where designers for men from all around the world come to compete and showcase their collections. The winner is selected and sold under the Brand Loro Piana.In 2012 the winner of this competition (a woman from Australia) had crafted a men’s suit made of wool and fine fabric that was sold for the price of $28,000.

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