The Joy of Tailor Made Suits in Bangkok 

Fashion Galleria Bangkok offers true bespoke tailoring experience at competitive pricing in Bangkok. Our tailoring services are imbibed with the experience and expertise of our skilled tailors, who understands the requirements and preferences of our customers and modern fashion trends accurately.

We aim to make your experience with us a truly delightful one, and the end products we deliver are sure to bring a smile on your face. Exceeding the expectations of the customers is a common standard at Fashion Galleria. The exclusivity oozes out of all the aspects of our tailoring services, starting from choosing the right fabric, measurement sessions, personal consulting, trial sessions, product creation and delivery.

Come to Fashion Galleria to experience fashion personalized for you like never before.

Why Fashion Galleria

Our years of experience in Bangkok, exclusive craftsmanship of our tailors, personalized tailoring services, unmatched customer services, and competitive pricing, makes for enough reasons to choose us.

Come to visit our tailor shop in Bangkok today!

Bespoke With Love

Each and every order is treated as a gift of trust from our customers, and we aim to please. Our passion and love for the art of tailoring are visible in the products we deliver, right down to every single stitch.

Made To Measure

Every order is crafted using the latest tailoring techniques in conjunction with our traditional methods to ensure every order carries legacy and heritage of Fashion Galleria.

Modern Tailoring

Our tailor shop has evolved over the years, and while we have a thorough understanding of fashion of yesterday, our present-day craft is tuned around modern couture preferences, ensuring our products stand out in the crowd.

Custom Tailor Suits Starts from 8,000 THB

Best Bespoke Suits in Bangkok:

Fashion Galleria is not your typical tailor shop in Bangkok… we offer you more than that, because we put at your disposal the real art of tailoring which has been mastered by our tailors over the pass of the years working with clients like you.

We dress you according to what you wish with the highest-quality bespoke garments that perfectly match your style and what you want to express to the world. Only those tailors capable of understand the art of tailoring are the ones who can deliver those results, and we’ve got the best in Bangkok at your service.

True Bespoke :

Bespoke is one of those terms that has been abused, and as a result, has lost its real meaning. But worry not, because here at Fashion Galleria we offer you real bespoke garments crafted by the most talented tailors in Bangkok.

A bespoke garment is 100% tailored to your body, which means we don’t start using a base or modification because that leaves room for mistakes and we make sure to totally avoid them.

Moreover, our team is capable of handling even the most complex designs. Because everything is completely tailored to you, we will take care even of the smallest details.

If you want to work with the real professionals Tailors in Bangkok, then now you know that Fashion Galleria can offer you true bespoke with the best artists in Thailand.

An Expression of Your Essence:

We are firm believers that a tailor needs to craft garments capable of expressing your real self, a sharp and authentic expression of your essence, and that’s something that solely experienced and talented professionals can do.

Tailored suits are our specialty and we have a large library of fabrics where to choose from. Others call it a collection, but we call it a library because there’s so much variety that you will be amazed. As our premium tailoring service is 100% customized, it is our responsibility to bring you as many options as possible. Furthermore, in order to leave you completely satisfied with your bespoke suit, our tailors will be there to listen you all the time. We need to know what you want, what you feel and what you want to express in order to craft that perfect tailored suit that will make you smile and make you feel proud of wearing it.

A Price at Your Reach:

Crafting a tailored bespoke suit is not easy, as it requires skill, experience, the best fabrics and creativity, but it is neither an excuse to bill a small fortune. We understand this very well at Fashion Galleria Bangkok, that’s why we put the genius and talent of our best bespoke tailors at your disposal for a very reasonable price.

We believe in delivering value at a fair price, and that’s why we are willing to craft an exquisite bespoke garment or suit for a good price.

Always Available:

We’re always ready to help you. Just contact us and we will put our best tailors in Bangkok at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting price for Jackets and Trousers?

The price range varies depending on the customers’ preferences, styling requirements, size and the fabric chosen.

However, the base price starts as follows –

  1. Jacket and Trouser – Base price starts from 8,000 Baht onwards. Delivery time is two
  2. Full Suit – Base price starts from 8,000 Baht onwards. Delivery time is two
  3. Shirt – Base price starts from 2,000 Baht onwards. Delivery time is one
  4. Custom made Jacket – Base price starts from 6,000 onwards. Delivery time is two
What are the Modes of Payments accepted at Fashion Galleria?

We accept cash and credit card.

How many Trial/Fitting Sessions required?

We mostly ask for only two fitting/trial sessions to ensure customers get the perfect fit.

How much do you charge for delivery in Bangkok?

We do not charge anything for delivery within the city of Bangkok. Please just let us know where you want the delivery, and we would be glad to send you the product there.

I hated suits until I wore a Fashion Galleria

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Left-Aligned Effect

bespoke suit in bagkok

Lot of our customers have asked what is difference between bespoke suit and custom made suit? It is a pretty tricky question but Fashion Galleria will try to answer our customer’s queries.

In simple words, bespoke suits are created by designers and tailors without using any machinery. The designer gives a human touch to bespoke suits with his art and year of experience. That’s why it is very important to hire tailors or designers who are experienced and master in their tailoring work. Luckily, Fashion Galleria has best designers and tailors from all over the Thailand.

Whereas, custom made suits are manufactured by machinery and does not bring exact fitting in some cases. You can see custom made suits in the H&M, corporate offices, business meetings and hotels. All them are custom made and cheaper compare to bespoke suit. Thus, they are not expensive and easily accessible. But, people struggle with custom made suits a lot because of it manufactured size.

These days, most of the people buy custom made suits. This makes bespoke suit unique and unbeatable.

So which one wins? Bespoke or Custom made Suit? Let’s have a look.

Bespoke suits are expensive and idiosyncratic. Not loads of people wear them. But they give perfecting fitting and unique feeling to individuals. Feeling of proud and something. By the way, neuroscience says what you feel that you achieve. Thus, if you are person who like unique things, we would love to recommend you bespoke suits.

Custom made suits are cheap and easily accessible almost in every store. As a matter of fact, they are good for the people who are looking for decent clothing, not something fancy. But, they do not fit individuals perfectly sometimes.

In conclusion, bespoke suits and custom made suits both have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the individual what kind of clothing style him/her wants to go for, Unique or descent.

But tension not Fashion Galleria has come with solution for its customers. Fashion Galleria offers both bespoke and custom made suit with guaranteed fitting. So, don’t wait, pick your phone and call us at +6626391401 or email us at

Or you can also visit our website at

We are waiting to hear from you. Thank you



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Fashion Galleria is here

Fashion Galleria is located conveniently to ensure you do not have to search hard to find us. Or, you can just give us a call, and we would guide how to reach us without hassles. We are placed centrally and well-connected with the rest of the city through various means of transport.


“I simply walked in to check out what they offered but ended up ordering several suits, shirts, and trousers. The experience they provided right from the word go was impressive, to say the least, and the products they delivered complemented my style without a glitch perfectly. Impressed and coming again!!”

Mark Enderby

Business Executive, NY

“I was apprehensive and excited at the same time when I ordered, but when the suit came, I was awestruck and speechless. The fit and the fabric are better than higher priced branded stuff I have. It is without a doubt they have a customer in me for life. “

Eric Reece

Hedge Funder, US

“Simply Wow! I heard about Fashion Galleria so much I wanted to try them out, and boy they don’t disappoint. Professional, fast and accurate tailoring services. The best tailoring services in Bangkok hands down.”

Lloyd Chandler

London, UK
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